B Sure

Biological, Nutrient Solution

B Sure® is a liquid nutrient solution derived by microbial fermentation that improves photosynthesis and plant metabolism, boosting multiple critical metabolic plant pathways that are critical to its success increasing crop productivity and potential. 



  • Enhances crop tolerance to environmental and physiological stresses
  • Bioavailable nutrients elicit and support photosynthesis and gas exchange in leaf
  • Plants respond with greater productivity, maximizing their potential in typical growing conditions as well as during times of heat, drought and other environmental stress
  • Interacts with the plant to increase crop productivity


  • Contains carbon, nitrogen, true protein, amino acids and essential metabolic micronutrients
  • Provides a source of time-released nitrogen that is highly bioavailable, and complements applied nitrogen
  • May be mixed with most micronutrients, foliar fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or fungicides

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