Sustainability Solutions


plant and soil health for agricultural and non-crop markets

At AMVAC and our parent company American Vanguard, the principle of Sustainable Agriculture is at the center of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitment. We recognize the importance of our role and effect on the planet – from our local communities to the global environment. Our Core Values have guided the development of our sustainability strategy.

Through technology and innovation, we are committed to providing a variety of sustainable and beneficial solutions that enable abundant agricultural production, effective public health protection, and valued turf, ornamental, and commercial pest control. Major areas in which we are making significant investments: 

Technology and Innovative Solutions for Specialty and Non-crop Markets

AMGUARD™ Environmental Technologies is a leading provider of proven chemistries and low-impact solutions for the professional pest control, public health, and golf, lawn care, and ornamental markets including biosolutions from OHP Inc.

Improving Soil Health

Biologicals developed by Agrinos®, an American Vanguard Company, work in conjunction with other nutritional crop inputs to increase crop yield, improve soil health, and reduce the environmental footprint of traditional agricultural practices.
U.S. Agrinos / Biological Products

Safe and Effective Biorational Pest Control

Envance Technologies, an American Vanguard Company, is an emerging leader in the development of safe and effective insect pest and weed control solutions that leverage its receptor-targeting technology and novel formulations to deliver superior performance and safety profiles.
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Greener Input Solutions for Producers

Greenplants, an American Vanguard Company focused on Latin America, offers a robust portfolio of micronutrients and agronomic solutions for a wide range of crops. The AmGreen portfolio of biorational products, which can be used in combination with conventional chemistries, features regenerative agriculture management solutions that reduce water use while effectively irrigating crops and supporting crop yields.
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Prescriptive Application

The SIMPAS® Application System, developed by AMVAC and Trimble Powered, allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in-furrow simultaneously at planting, supporting environmental stewardship with precision product application, fewer inputs in the field, reduced worker exposure, and forensic-quality traceability.
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Forensic-Quality Traceability

ULTIMUS™ technology works with onboard RFID hardware in the SIMPAS system to provide forensic-quality, chain-of-custody traceability for every SIMPAS-applied product. SIMPAS also offers carbon credit capabilities through Ultimus, which auto-records precisely when and where carbon credit-eligible products are applied to enable carbon credit location verification for accurate rate tracking.
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