Precision Ag Technologies

Precision Agriculture Technologies:
Innovation in Prescriptive Application

SIMPAS® is the next evolution in prescriptive application using agronomic analysis form a variety of data sources to develop prescriptions. The game-changing SIMPAS “ecosystem” consists of a number of key components which further conservation practices while improving agricultural operations.

SIMPAS® Application System

Developed by AMVAC and Trimble Powered, the SIMPAS® Application System allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple products in-furrow simultaneously at planting. With SIMPAS, farmers pay only for as-applied acres so they can profitably and sustainably address pressure areas that would otherwise go untreated. The system also supports environmental stewardship with precision product application, fewer inputs in the field, reduced worker exposure, and forensic-quality traceability, simplifying the adaptation of conservation management practices for farmers.
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SIMPAS-applied Solutions™

SIMPAS-applied Solutions™ (SaS) products – such as insecticides, fungicides, nematicides, micronutrients, and biologicals – are delivered simultaneously in-furrow during planting to address unique agronomic needs. Four key products – Counter® 20G Insecticide/Nematicide, Aztec® HC Insecticide, Force® 10G HL Insecticide, and Zinc Micronutrient – were the first to be packaged in SmartCartridge™ containers and offered as part of SIMPAS®-applied Solutions. Beginning in 2022, the SaS portfolio also includes MicroSync® IronClad IDC® Micronutrient in relationship with Verdesian Life Sciences, and iNvigorate® Biological.
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SmartCartridge® Containers

Patented SmartCartridge® container technology delivers multiple SaS products – at the same time. SmartCartridges are equipped with an RFID-enabled Smart Tag™ which ensures each container is in the appropriate slot while automatically recording product levels. SmartCartridge containers are refillable. After planting, users return all SmartCartridge containers to the retail point of purchase and pay only for as-applied acres, without worrying about running each container to empty.
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ULTIMUS™ Technology

Ultimus™ technology works with onboard RFID hardware in the SIMPAS system to provide forensic-quality, chain-of-custody traceability for every SIMPAS-applied product. SIMPAS also offers carbon credit capabilities through Ultimus, which auto-records precisely when and where carbon credit-eligible products are applied to enable carbon credit location verification for accurate rate tracking.
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SmartBox® Application System

SIMPAS technologies also include the SmartBox+ application system, which contains both metering and flow-sensing functions that ensure accurate application of SmartBox® crop inputs at a wide range of rates and speeds. Through patented, state-of-the-art meters, SmartBox+ is accurate down to the granule.
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