BioWake Prime


BioWake Prime™ is an EPA registered bioinsecticide product designed to mitigate corn rootworm feeding and damage. When the unique microbes in BioWake Prime colonize corn plants, they prime or activate natural plant defense mechanisms against corn rootworm larvae. This response is a great complement to existing corn rootworm management strategies.

Combining BioWake Prime with BioWake™ for Corn gives you a healthy viable seed lubricant alternative to talc or graphite. Corn plants benefit from more effective nutrient utilization, enhanced plant growth and nutrient content as well as greater root regrowth if corn rootworm larval feeding occurs.



  • When another layer of corn rootworm protection is needed (e.g. in addition to traits or insecticides)
  • Convenient alternative for planters without insecticide application systems
  • Low to moderate corn rootworm pressure areas where no insecticides are being used


  • Primes the corn plant immune system to defend against corn rootworm feeding all season long
  • Microbes trigger the plant to start up its self-defense mechanisms
  • Primed plants have a quicker and greater response to corn rootworm larval feeding
  • Plant response creates corn rootworm larval confusion to mitigate feeding
  • Results in larger root mass and reduced lodging
  • Improved harvestability and up to 4.5 bu/A yield increase*
  • Active ingredient: Methylorubrum extorquens NLS 0042

Registered States

  • Registered
  • Unregistered
BioWake Prime is registered at EPA. Until, all necessary state registrations have been obtained, no sale, offer for sale or use of this product may be made.

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BioWake Prime is registered at EPA. Until all necessary state registrations have been obtained, no sale, offer for sale or use of this product may be made.