Farmer Perceptions of Biologicals and Their Implications for AMVAC® GreenSolutions™ Products

Newport Beach, CA

To remain at the forefront of innovation and sustainability as a trusted agricultural supplier, AMVAC invests in research, working with private researchers, universities, growers, and PCAs to conduct field trials to determine the proper timing, rates, and combinations to ensure their products deliver effective results. The GreenSolutions™ product line focuses on credible, third-party, replicated trial data that demonstrate good ROI to drive grower and retailer interest, which is implemented through technical training and after-sales support.  

Recently, AMVAC GreenSolutions sponsored a research study conducted by Stratovation Group in collaboration with the Ag Retailers Association, The Fertilizer Institute, and D.C. Legislative & Regulatory Services to gain further insight into farmers' attitudes and perceptions of biological products. This study looked at how farmers define biologicals, purchasing, and usage trends, and how they track and evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of biologicals. It targeted row crop farmers operating 500+ acres and received a total of 500 responses. 

According to findings of this study, 83% of respondents had heard about biologicals, 75% were familiar with the term microbials, and 59% were familiar with biostimulants, indicating that farmers are becoming more aware of biological products and their benefits. 

The research indicated yield and profitability are the primary drivers for farmers’ adoption of biological products, followed by improving soil health and reducing environmental stress. Within the AMVAC GreenSolutions portfolio, products such as B Sure® and BioWake™ have been proven to maximize crop productivity for farmers to achieve higher yield results and ROI. Based on recent trial results, B Sure has shown to increase yield potential by 7.48 bushels per acre of corn and 2.03 bushels per acre of soybeans, providing an estimated additional profit of over $40 per acre. BioWake has shown to increase corn yield by 5.3 bushels per acre and soybean yield by 4.4 bushels per acre.      

The study also revealed over half of respondents apply biologicals in conjunction with other inputs, including conventional crop protection. This is where the versatility of GreenSolutions’ products comes into play. B Sure, iNvigorate®, UpLift®, and ECOZIN® PLUS 1.2% ME all can be tank mixed with many other products, making it easier and more flexible for farmers to integrate these solutions into their crop management practices.   

In terms of user experience, farmers rated their experience with biologicals positively, with an average score of 7.1/10. As well, 80% of biological users are willing to recommend them to others, citing ease of use and yield boost as the best aspects of using biologicals. 

Overall, the findings of this study highlight the growing popularity of biologicals among farmers, as well as the significance of trial data for product selection. These findings demonstrate the potential of the AMVAC GreenSolutions line in the North American biological market. To find out more about the research conducted by Stratovation Group, visit  

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