A Look Inside the North American Manufacturing Facilities for AMVAC® GreenSolutions™ Products

Newport Beach, CA

As demand for biological products increases, AMVAC® continues its commitment to providing growers beneficial solutions that improve agricultural productivity and enhance sustainability. In fact, through its manufacturing processes, AMVAC saved a total of 3.2 million pounds of shrimp shells from waste in 2022 alone for the development of nutritional products in their GreenSolutions™ portfolio.      

AMVAC’s growing GreenSolutions biological product line, developed to expand growers' crop management programs, offers effective alternatives and complements to traditional products, ranging from nutrient and fertility solutions to biological seed lubricants. 

Three products from the GreenSolutions portfolio are produced at two of AMVAC’s biological manufacturing facilities in North America. These facilities are both fermentation manufacturing plants and are located in Clackamas, Oregon, and Sonora, Mexico. Among GreenSolutions products manufactured in these microbial input facilities are B Sure®, a nutrient solution improving plant metabolism; iNvigorate®, which creates a highly productive microbial community to assist with nutrient uptake and fertilizer efficiency; and UpLift®, a fertility solution increasing crop productivity and supporting soil vigor.  

By manufacturing products in North America, AMVAC ensures its role as a trusted partner and crop solution supplier for growers, providing customers with high-quality products that meet local market standards. AMVAC's domestic manufacturing capabilities also allow the company to control the cost, quality, and reliability of products for customers, while increasing the level of confidence in product availability.  

With 28,000 square feet of space equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, AMVAC’s manufacturing facility in Clackamas possesses the infrastructure and personnel expertise to produce customized, high-quality co-cultivated or single-strain microbes through a robust fermentation process. Microbial fermentation capabilities yield a high concentration of desired strains under microaerophilic, anaerobic, or aerobic conditions.   

The company’s production facility in Sonora produces high-quality biostimulants for both domestic and international markets, meeting the growing demand of distribution partners and growers. For the production of its B Sure and Uplift products, AMVAC uses a unique fermentation process of naturally occurring soil microbes to gently extract nutritional components from shrimp shells, including amino acid essentials, and other important macro and micronutrients.  

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AMVAC’s state-of-the-art microbial crop input production facilities produce customized, high-quality, co-cultivated microbes, using robust fermentation processes. Designed expressly for farmers who are challenged to increase productivity in the face of an

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