AMVAC GreenSolutions Answers the Call for Biologicals

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Although still a growing sector within crop inputs, the demand for biologicals continues to increase. In 2023, AMVAC GreenSolutions sponsored a research study by Stratovation Group in collaboration with the Ag Retailers Association, The Fertilizer Institute, and D.C. Legislative & Regulatory Services to gain further insight into farmers' attitudes and perceptions of biological products. Farmers indicated that yield and profitability were their primary drivers for using biological products. Over half of the respondents were already applying biologicals with other inputs.  


As adoption continues to grow, AMVAC is poised to provide the biological solutions farmers are looking for through our GreenSolutions portfolio. AMVAC is now in the top 10 biological product suppliers in the U.S., according to CropLife’s 2024 Biologicals Survey


GreenSolutions is comprised of biorational and specialty nutrition products developed to expand crop management programs and complement traditional crop inputs. Products include B Sure® fertilizer, a liquid nutrient solution that boosts crop tolerance to stress; ECOZIN® PLUS 1.2% ME botanical insecticide, an organic farming-approved insecticide/nematicide; iNvigorate® fertilizer, which creates a microbial system that enriches crop nutrition and improves soil health; SmartBlock® plant growth regulator, a post-harvest sprout inhibitor for potatoes; and UpLift® microbial soil additive, a fertility solution that increases crop productivity and supports soil health. 


Last year, AMVAC expanded the GreenSolutions portfolio with BioWake, a line of products applied to seeds of row crops. BioWake™ products contain pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs) – naturally occurring microbes that deliver benefits to the plants from day one and throughout the growing season. The first products were BioWake™ for Corn and BioWake™ for Soybeans biological seed lubricants that improve nutrient uptake and ultimately increase yields.  


The adoption of the new seed fluency products was strong. In their first year on the market, BioWake for Corn and BioWake for Soybeans also gained recognition across the industry, winning 2023 New Product of the Year from Farm Journal’s The Scoop (the first biological product to receive the honor), and Agri Marketing (joining the ranks of products such as John Deere’s autonomous tractor). 


This year the BioWake portfolio has grown to include BioWake Prime™ biocontrol, which is EPA-registered and targets corn rootworm, and BioWake™ for Cotton biological seed lubricant, a biostimulant and cleaner, safer alternative to talc or graphite seed lubricants. A bioherbicide and a biofungicide are set to become part of the portfolio in the coming years. 


The BioWake family of products has been a significant addition to the GreenSolutions portfolio, as they are focused on row crops. As of last year, around 55% of GreenSolutions sales in the U.S. were in row crops as opposed to specialty crops, a segment where biological products have had more adoption. B Sure and iNvigorate are also currently being applied to row crops. 


With its success in the U.S., the next step will be to expand into the international market. AMVAC has expanded its partnership with NewLeaf Symbiotics, collaborating to bring new biological products to key locations such as Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, and China. These countries are home to some of the largest row crop markets in the world. 


In a recent interview with AgriBusiness Global, Jim Thompson, Director of Business Development for GreenSolutions at AMVAC, shared the company’s vision for the biological market, “The scientific rigor, combined with sizable investments into space, have ensured biologicals will be a long-term offering for growers. It is essential that biological products demonstrate continued efficacy and grower return on investment over multiple seasons.” 


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