BioWake for Soybeans


BioWake™ for Soybeans is a biological seed lubricant that delivers superior seed flow and enhanced seed vigor from day one. As an all-in-one planter box solution, BioWake for Soybeans ensures precise and efficient seed placement while adding live-microbial benefits such as increased nutrient uptake, better root development, and abiotic stress tolerance.

Designed to improve seed flow and performance, BioWake for Soybeans provides a safer, cleaner upgrade to the talc or graphite seed lubricant you are already using. With added environmental and soil health advantages, you can ensure you are getting the most out of every pass by adding BioWake for Soybeans to your planter.


  • A biologically friendly seed lubricant that contains beneficial microbes
  • Improves overall root development and length
  • Enhances nutrient uptake and plant efficiency including an increase in iron
  • Improves seed flow at planting
  • Reduces overall dustiness and residue transfer

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