2024 Corn Rootworm Outlook: What 2022 and 2023 Activity Indicate for the Upcoming Growing Season

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Corn rootworm pressure was high throughout the Corn Belt in 2023. The drought likely exacerbated the problem, as moisture stress can affect the root system development of corn. In addition, extended dry soil conditions favor corn rootworm larval survival, which results in more feeding damage while also limiting the ability of a corn hybrid to regenerate roots. 


Corn rootworm larvae

According to data reported to the Corn Rootworm Adult Monitoring Network (CRAMN), managed by the Corn Rootworm IPM Regional Working Group, corn rootworm activity was particularly high in states such as Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and in areas of Minnesota and Illinois. North Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin also reported corn rootworm activity in 2023. Although 2023 economic injury due to corn rootworm has yet to be reported, activity data indicates that the totals could be significant. 


CRAMN tracks the activity of both western corn rootworm and northern corn rootworm. Northern corn rootworm was found to be dominant in some areas of the above states, which should be a cause for concern because the species has variants which exhibit extended diapause. This means that northern corn rootworm eggs delay hatching by two winters. Extended diapause is “advantageous to larval survival in every-other-year rotated corn fields,” according to scientists at the University of Minnesota Extension. The threat of new northern corn rootworm hatching this winter after two dormant winters indicates that continuous corn producers are susceptible to corn rootworm pressure this upcoming season, as well as growers who are rotating back to corn. As a result, growers should also be checking 2022 counts as part of their 2024 corn rootworm management strategy. 


Management tactics for corn rootworm include the use of Bt-rootworm hybrid corn, crop rotation, and soil insecticide application. Some growers reported to the Corn Rootworm IPM Regional Working Group that they did not have any management programs in place in 2023. 


The AMVAC® insecticide portfolio for corn offers farmers plenty of choices for corn rootworm protection. AMVAC granular insecticides to control corn rootworm include Aztec® branded products; SmartChoice® HC Higher Concentration Granules; and Counter® 20G and Force® 10G HL which are available in bags, Lock’N Load®, SmartBox®, or SmartCartridge® containers. Index® Liquid At-Plant Insecticide and Xpedient® Plus™ V provide liquid choices for growers.  


This year, there is a new addition to the portfolio from AMVAC GreenSolutions: BioWake Prime™, an EPA-registered bioinsecticide that safeguards against corn rootworm. It contains NewLeaf Symbiotics® microbial PPFM technology that activates corn self-defenses against corn rootworm, offering season-long mitigation of larval feeding to protect yield, reduction of the impact of lodging, and improvement of harvestability.  


BioWake Prime complements existing corn rootworm management strategies. It can be added to seed up to 180 days before planting.  


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