New ZALO™ Herbicide Registered for Soybean, Cotton, and Canola

Newport Beach, CA

Combines multiple active ingredients and modes of action that take weed control up a level 

AMVAC® Chemical Corporation, an American Vanguard® Company, continues to launch new products for broadacre crops to meet growers' needs. The company is pleased to announce that ZALO™ herbicide, enabled by ProLease™ technology, has received federal registration. 

ZALO is now registered for early to mid-post-emergence use in glufosinate trait-enabled soybean, cotton and canola. In addition, the label will include pome and stone fruit crops. ZALO will be available for the Spring 2024 season following state registrations. 

“We are very excited to be able to bring ZALO to market because of the significant advantages it provides farmers. In addition to broad spectrum broadleaf weed control, ZALO provides enhanced grass weed control with crop safety,” says AMVAC Corn, Soybean, and Sugar Beet Marketing Manager, Mark Foster. “ZALO combines multiple active ingredients and modes of action to take weed control up a level, delivering control of labeled broadleaf weeds plus control of labeled annual and perennial grass species, including non-Enlist® traited volunteer corn.”

Level Up Your Lineup

ZALO is a premix of glufosinate (the active ingredient in Liberty® 280 SL herbicide) and quizalofop(the active ingredient in Assure® II herbicide) — two proven active ingredients in one powerful formulation. Strong control of broadleaf weeds is combined with broad-spectrum control of annual grasses including non-Enlist traited volunteer corn, giant foxtail, fall panicum, and shattercane, and perennial grasses, including johnsongrass and quackgrass. 

“ZALO also stands apart from other herbicides because it is enabled by ProLease technology, a unique process developed by AMVAC that protects the herbicide molecules from performance inhibitors, allowing them to reach the target weed where the molecules are released for superior activity,” says Foster. “Specifically, research shows that ProLease technology helps overcome degradation, separation, and compatibility or mixing issues in the container and as a mixture in the sprayer.”

ZALO is designed for grower applicators and custom applicators with the following needs:

  • Glufosinate users who want a simple, more consistent performing product for grass control versus glufosinate alone. 
  • Those who are currently tank mixing fop or dim ingredients with glufosinate and looking for convenience, better spray tank product stability, and less container disposal.
  • Those looking for an alternating treatment with an auxin herbicide on Enlist® or XtendFlex® crops for resistance management. 
  • Growers needing broad-spectrum broadleaf and grass weed control beyond mandated dicamba “cutoff” dates.

ZALO is a superior liquid technology with an easy-to-understand rate structure. The use rate of ZALO is similar to that of a 280 formulation of glufosinate, while delivering two active ingredients for enhanced weed control.

Academic and private contract research in 2023 show that ZALO provided 9 percentage points better grass and weed control than Liberty® 280 SL herbicide. When compared to generic glufosinate, the ZALO control advantage was even greater, outperforming on both labeled grass and broadleaf control.

When considering price and performance, ZALO enabled by ProLease™ technology is an effective treatment for early- to mid-post control of labeled grass and broadleaf weeds.

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Important: Always read and follow label instructions. See label for listed weeds and pests. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Check with your state agency responsible for pesticide registration to ensure registration status. ZALO Herbicide is EPA registered.