Timely Fumigation to Develop a Strong Soil Foundation

Newport Beach, CA

Suppress pests and boost yields with K-Pam® HL™ 


A plentiful crop is dependent upon a strong soil foundation. Factors such as fertilizer and a pest-free environment improve growth potential. For California growers producing tomatoes—one of the state’s top commodities—ensuring optimal soil conditions is a high priority. Soil fumigation is a time-tested and proven practice that reduces harmful pathogens, pests and weeds in the soil greatly increasing chances of growing a successful crop. 

Current threats for tomatoes  

Growers in California face a number of threats when it comes to these high-value crops. 

Verticillium – a disease triggered by cool weather with symptoms beginning within 45 days of planting. Once established, it persists indefinitely and can affect new transplants 

Fusarium – can result in crown/root rot, foot rot, and wilt. Lesions can be extensive, resulting in a slow decline in plant health and ultimately plant death 

Nightshade – can harbor diseases and pests that further damage tomato crops 

                         Nutsedge – a hardy weed that has the capability to grow through the plastic in strawberry rows and easily spread from field to field 

Nematodes – damage tomato crops by creating galls or feeding on roots that interfere with the flow of water and nutrients 


Fight pests with soil fumigants 

AMVAC’s industry-leading, time-tested metam product K-Pam® HL™ helps growers develop a strong soil foundation and provide control or suppression of weeds, diseases, and nematodes ahead of planting.  

Metam can also supply nutrients that are available to the crop. While both disease and bacteria are reduced through fumigation, beneficial organisms rapidly repopulate after fumigation with dead fungi serving as a terrific source of food for a bacterial rebound. 

K-Pam HL contains metam potassium, which is optimized for: 

-Crops that benefit from potassium 

-Crops that are sensitive to sodium 

-Soil with high calcium carbonate content 

-Soils with high sodium and high pH 

-When a K2O fertilizer is needed 

AMVAC trials conducted by Dr. Breanna Aegerter, Extension Advisor, San Joaquin County California in the San Joaquin Valley, 2018-2024. Rates are expressed as broadcast equivalents. Yield difference is expressed in comparison to non-fumigated in Tons/A (Marginal Gross Returns/A). Tomato Price estimated at $81.30/ton 


K-Pam HL is registered for use on multiple crops, consistently producing higher yields and quality. It is compatible with a wide variety of soil types and application methods. AMVAC also enables growers to safely reap the benefits of effective soil fumigation through training and stewardship practices. 

Reach out to your AMVAC representative today to learn more. 


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