Thimet 20-G EZ Load


Thimet 20-G® Insecticide is labeled for use of several key crops including peanuts, cotton and soybeans. Thimet has activity on soil insects such as wireworms in potatoes. In addition, it has systemic activity which provides control on a variety of early season pests such as thrips and leafminers on several crops. Consult the label for specific used by crop.


  • Peanuts – Thimet provides systemic control of thrips. In addition, in the southeast peanut producing areas, Thimet is recognized as a key tool to manage TSWV by activating the plants natural defense mechanisms.
  • Cotton – Thimet provides early season control of thrips in cotton.
  • Review the label for use in other crops including beans, field corn, sweet corn, potatoes, sorghum, soybeans, sugarcane and sugarbeets.
  • Thimet EZ Load is available for use only in the states of VA, NV, SC, GA, AL and northern counties of FL.


  • Active on key soil pests such as wireworm in certain crops.
  • Systemic activity provides control of thrips and other early season sucking pests.
  • Activates natural defense mechanism in peanuts for management of TSWV.
  • Dependable and proven performance.
  • Closed handling system required for use.

Registered States

  • Registered
  • Unregistered
The following states are in discontinuance: Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, New York, Washington. Thimet EZ Load is available for use only in the states of VA, NV, SC, GA, AL and northern counties of FL.

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THIMET is a Restricted Use Pesticide.