Stifle WP

Insecticide, Miticide

Stifle® WP Miticide is a mite growth inhibitor effective against most of common mite species such as various spider mites, Banks grass mite and European Red mite. It can be used on avocado, corn (field, popcorn, seed), cotton, grapes, mint, pome fruit, stone fruit, tree nuts and all other labeled crops. 


  • Apply only once per season when mite populations are building up (2 applications per season allowed on corn).
  • Horticultural oil or non-ionic adjuvant in the tank mix may increase efficacy due to better coverage and enhanced translaminar movement of active compound.


  • Contains the active compound etoxazole (72%), a chitin synthesis inhibitor and mite growth regulator.
  • Targets all mite life stages – from eggs to maturity.
  • Sterilizes adult females and their eggs, kills eggs on foliage and nymphs by inhibiting molting.
  • IRAC group 10B (only mitcide in this group).

Registered States

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