AZTEC® HC SmartCartridge


AZTEC® HC corn soil insecticide provides consistent, broad-spectrum control of corn rootworm larvae (CRW) as well as seed- and seedling-attacking pests, like wireworm, for strong stands and maximum yields regardless of corn hybrid selection. Available in SmartCartridge® containers for the SIMPAS® application system, AZTEC HC provides the convenience of a high-concentrate, granular formulation in a variable rate, prescriptive application.

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  • Full rate in all corn-on-corn acres, highest yielding management zones, fields with single below-ground rootworm trait or suspected resistance to dual Bt traits
  • Target seed- and seedling-attacking pests and trouble zones – heavy manure, prior year weed infestations in corn-on-corn or corn-soy rotation where CRW is not the primary target
  • First-year corn (extended diapause geographies; western CRW variant in areas where soybean had ragweed, waterhemp, grass weeds or volunteer corn, and highest yield potential zones)


  • Proven, reliable performance to control CRW as well as seed- and seedling-attacking pests
  • Better root protection, harvestability and control of pests than seed treatments or Bt rootworm traits alone
  • Two modes of action
  • Herbicide use flexibility
  • SIMPAS application system provides unprecedented rate flexibility and control by management zone

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AZTEC is a Restricted Use Pesticide.