Arroz 80 CA


Arroz 80® CA is a contact herbicide approved for postemergence weed control in California rice.  It’s suitable for both dry-seeded and water-seeded rice, and provides outstanding grass weed control in Pinpoint and Continuous-Flood programs.  Arroz 80 CA is a great postemergence partner to follow up a foundation herbicide treatment.


  • Apply at 15-20 gal/A by ground, and at a minimum of 10 gal/A by air
  • Always include a surfactant in the tank mix – review the “Arroz 80 CA Approved Surfactants” bulletin for a list of approved surfactants.
  • Do not apply to rice until is has reached the four-leaf growth stage (fourth leaf fully expanded).
  • Pinpoint and Leathers Flood Treatment – drain field before rice shoot growth begins and when the root is about ¼ inches in length.
  • Dry Seeded Pre-Flood Treatment – optimum results are obtained when soil is wet to the surface and weeds are actively growing.
  • Post-Flood Treatment – optimum results are obtained when flood water is adjusted so that a minimum of 70% of the target weeds are above the water level.


  • Contact foliar herbicide, with no soil activity
  • Suitable for both dry-seeded and water-seeded rice
  • Outstanding grass weed control in Pinpoint and Continuous-Flood programs
  • Good efficacy against early and late watergrass
  • HRAC group 2 herbicide (ALS inhibitor)

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