Assure II


Assure® II herbicide is formulated to protect a wide variety of crops including Enlist™ corn hybrids, soybeans, cotton and more. A postemergence application controls a broad spectrum of problem grass weeds including annual foxtail and volunteer corn, and perennial grass weed like quackgrass and johnsongrass.


  • Application rate of 5-12 fl oz/A
  • Applications should target V2-V6 growth stage
  • May also be used to control volunteer corn that does not contain the Enlist trait in fields currently planted with Enlist corn hybrids
  • Assure II will not control volunteer corn that contains the Enlist trait


  • A selective herbicide that controls annual and perennial grass weeds in canola, cotton, chickpea, dry beans, dry and succulent peas, lentil, snap bean, soybean, sugarbeet, sunflower and Enlist field corn
  • Provides excellent control of up to 12-inch volunteer corn at 4/5 fl oz/A with required adjuvants

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