Less Stress About Drought Stress: Tank Mix Folex® for Better Uptake of Thidiazuron

Cotton Fields Ready for Harvest

Does the current drought in certain parts of the Southern Cotton Belt have you stressed about cotton defoliation this fall? Tank-mixing AMVAC’s Folex® Cotton Defoliant with thidiazuron can ease your mind. Here’s why.

Drought-stressed cotton often has thick cuticles and leathery leaves that can inhibit the uptake of many defoliants, according to the 2018 Mid-South Cotton Defoliation Guide. The potential for regrowth is often high due to unused nitrogen remaining after premature cutout.

Dry formulations of thidiazuron are one possible solution – but crop uptake appears to be slightly inhibited in drought-stressed cotton, potentially causing a need for higher application rates and/or use of surfactants.

Limited research does suggest that crop uptake of liquid formulations of thidiazuron SC and thidiazuron + diuron may be less affected by drought-stressed cotton than are dry formulations of thidiazuron.

However, “tank mixtures with Folex, as well as the addition of silicone surfactants or ammonium sulfate, have been shown to increase the uptake of thidiazuron in drought-stressed cotton,” according to the Guide.

Folex is the standard for mature leaf drop and an excellent tank-mix partner with other cotton aids.

The Guide offers another important piece of advice: “Use caution when applying higher rates or adjuvants in warmer weather, as desiccation and stuck leaves may result.”

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