Now Is the Time to Line Up Application Equipment for Corn Rootworm Control in 2023

Newport Beach, CA

Think it’s too early for farmers to look into application options to manage corn rootworm (CRW) in 2023?

SmartBox+ lineup
AMVAC's SmartBox®+ (far right) is among a number of application options to control corn rootworm.

Think again.

With supply chain challenges still looming, farmers need to make plans now—pre-harvest—to ensure they’ve lined up equipment purchases to support their corn rootworm (CRW) larval control strategies next season.

“Contacting equipment providers for application ideas and crop protection suppliers for product options is more important now in than in most other seasons,” emphasizes Jim Lappin, Director of SIMPAS® Product Portfolio and Alliances, AMVAC®. “Whether they’re planning to use liquid formulations, granular formulations using SmartBox®+, or liquid and/or granular insecticides through the SIMPAS agricultural application system, having a clear line of sight on a delivery system and chemical solutions now should be a critical part of their CRW management strategy going forward.”

Two colliding forces have created a perfect storm necessitating that farmers think through their CRW strategy even earlier than usual. Foremost are ongoing supply chain issues which are delaying delivery of farm equipment to dealers and the farm gate. Challenges of labor in rural America, transportation, and reliance on foreign countries for key inputs result in the need for more lead time, according to Progressive Farmer. And based on CRW beetle trap counts as tallied by the Corn Rootworm Adult Monitoring Network, early indications suggest this destructive pest could again be very challenging in 2023. As Jeff Osterhaus of WinField United notes, with CRW always a threat to be a billion-dollar pest in any given season, now is the time to plan for 2023.

“With our range of corn soil insecticides and formulations as well as application solutions, AMVAC is a foremost partner with corn growers,” said Mark Foster, AMVAC Marketing Manager, Midwestern Corn and Soybeans. “We’re invested in growers’ and retailers’ success, which is why we strongly encourage all corn producers to take steps now to ensure they have application equipment options at hand to control CRW in 2023.”

AMVAC offers application technology for corn including SIMPAS, SmartBox+, and SmartBox.

AMVAC’s portfolio of insecticides for corn includes AZTEC®, COUNTER® 20G, Force® 10G HL, INDEX®, SMARTCHOICE® HC, and XPEDIENT® Plus™ V.

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