AMVAC Signs Exclusive Deal to Market and Sell ReTurn XL Insecticide/Nematicide

Newport Beach, California

AMVAC® Chemical Corporation today announced it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Rotam North America to market and sell ReTurn™ XL 42% insecticide/nematicide. ReTurn XL recently received federal registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is a broad-spectrum oxymyl-based crop protection product formulated to manage nematodes and control various sucking and chewing insects in potato, cotton, tobacco and peanut crops. 

“We are thrilled to partner with AMVAC on this venture,” said Rotam North America Vice President of Global Marketing and Business Communications Tom Chavez. “AMVAC has been selected because of their long and successful history of crop protection sales, marketing and stewardship in specialty crops. It’s the right partnership to bring this product to key crop segments.” 

ReTurn XL includes two-way foliar and soil systemic activity for above and below ground protection, making it an excellent pest management option for growers. It allows for optimal control of key pests so that cotton, potato and peanut plants get off to their best start, helping to maximize the grower’s yield and return on investment.

“We are excited to enter the market as a reliable source of oxymyl-based insecticide/nematicide,” said AMVAC Vice President of Business Development and Marketing Peter Eilers. “We are well-aligned to market this product to specialty crop segments, and we will be working directly with distributors and retailers to ensure that the product gets into the hands of the grower in 2018.”The addition of ReTurn XL to AMVAC’s portfolio will enhance AMVAC’s ability to provide unique agronomic solutions to core customers in key crop segments.