Environmental Stewardship

Technology Development

AMVAC® offers a wide array of products in its SmartBox®, LockN’ Load®, and EZ Load® closed handling and application systems. The SmartBox system minimizes exposure to applicators and its electronically controlled metering system provides precise, low rate application. SmartBox containers are returnable for refill, eliminating disposable packaging material.

AMVAC developed SmartDrop™, an improved chemigation technique for applying fumigants for more effective applications to further benefit workers, communities and the environment. This new delivery system results in a uniform stream of water and product, which greatly improves safety by reducing emissions, odors and drift, compared to traditional chemigation.

Product Stewardship

AMVAC has made significant efforts to educate applicators, growers and crop consultants to ensure proper and safe handling and use of AMVAC products. AMVAC provides comprehensive training programs to ensure effective and efficient application, resulting in improved environmental and safety performance.

AMVAC works with the leading agricultural data tracking and information support companies to assist growers, applicators, fieldmen, retailers and distributors with regulatory compliance. AMVAC invests in the latest technologies that efficiently manage data, enhance communication and ultimately improve product stewardship.

Technical Management

AMVAC provides nation-wide technical support of all its products. Technical experts staff the SmartBox hotline six days a week during corn planting season. Product development managers throughout the U.S. are dedicated to assisting growers and university extension programs to improve product performance, decrease environmental impact, and increase worker and community safety.


AMVAC continues to exceed regulatory environmental standards at its domestic manufacturing and formulating plants. By investing in energy efficiency, water conservation and waste minimization projects, AMVAC continually decreases its impact on the environment. A commitment to additional sustainable measures, coupled with evolving technologies, will ensure AMVAC continues to conserve natural resources.