Canadian Potatoes


As the potato market moves toward faster, more efficient planting, a more sophisticated application system is needed. Own the furrow with SmartBox – a system of variable rate and speed technology with great accuracy at low application rates. SmartBox is also the only equipment approved to apply Thimet® insecticide on potatoes in Canada and has demonstrated consistent control of wireworms. It reduces worker exposure issues, improves farmer productivity and increases application accuracy. The SmartBox system is incredibly reliable, has only one moving part, requires essentially no field maintenance and is more accurate than conventional pulleys and chain metering technology. Simply put, SmartBox is the most advanced closed-application system available.
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SmartBox Parts & Calibration

If you need replacement components for your SmartBox systems or to schedule a calibration, please call: Belchim at 866-613-3336 or Cavendish at 902-629-4320.
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Product Application

SmartBox is for Potatoes grown in Canada only. View Canadian Label