High-Grade Potatoes Start With High-Grade Soil
The success of your potato crop depends on a variety of factors. From pre-plant to storage, there are challenges every step of the way. The AMVAC potato portfolio is designed to help you navigate these challenges with a lineup of proven products ready to go to work for your potatoes and your profit at every stage.
pre plant stage
A successful crop starts with some prep work. Treating soil with the right pre-plant products will help ensure that your soil has the nutrients and broad-spectrum weed and pest control that potatoes need. AMVAC’s potato portfolio offers some time-tested products for the pre-plant stage.
planting stage
Planting is a critical time. It’s important to make sure your crop gets off to the right start with the right products. AMVAC has a variety of products ready to go to work for your potato crop.
in season stage
Selecting the right in-season products will help ward off pests and disease to give you potatoes a smoother route to the finish line. AMVAC has a variety of proven in-season products that help decrease plant stress and increase productivity.
storage stage
Harvest is complete and potatoes are in storage. Protecting your potatoes’ quality while they are in storage is just as important as the other stages. AMVAC provides a product that burns off sprouts and restores potato dormancy all without affecting your potatoes’ quality.